Results of US selection 2019

I have missed the US selection myself, but brave organizers from UC Berkeley — Yonna Kim, Siddhant Mehrota, and Aini Xu conducted the tournament perfectly without me. I would like to thank everyone, who was playing, organizing, judging, or watching the tournament.

This was the largest student physics tournament in the US so far! Three teams participated, played 3 physics fights and reached the following ranking:

  1. Rice University
  2. UC Berkeley
  3. UC Merced

The best reporter of the tournament is the captain of the Rice University team Matheus Barbosa with the score 8.8/10 for the problem 14. “Jumping bean”. The best opponent prize is shared by him and Erika Hathway from UC Berkeley team with the score 8.75 out of 10. The best reviewer of the tournament is Shantanu Kadam with shocking 9.5/10 score for reviewing in the first physics fight.

I would like to congratulate the teams and wish Rice University team good luck at the IPT in Warsaw.

Results of US selection 2019